Cards Against Humanity Customers are 2014’s Idiot of the Year!

Cards Against Humanity Customers are 2014’s Idiot of the Year!

We here at Ask The Idiots would like to thank everyone who voted in our poll for Idiot of the Year! We’re new at this polling thing, so we’re still trying out software and polling sites to find out which works best. So far, none of them do, so this year we may end up rolling our own. And, trust us, we know how to roll our own here in the Idiot trenches. (Wait, we we still talking about software?)

To the best of our cognitive ability, we have finally tallied the votes and figured out the winner of our award for Idiot of the Year for 2014 is — drumroll please! —

Cards Against Humanity Customers!

The card game company regularly does something outrageous for Black Friday and 2014 was no exception. This time they offered real bullshit in a box for $6 a pop, and their customers ate it up. Well, actually, we don’t know if they ate it, but they did buy it all. The company mentioned several times it really was crap, and the company’s co-founder Max Temkin reiterated, “If you buy the poop expecting it to be something else that’s not poop, you’re actually buying a valuable life lesson for $6.” The boxes sold out. Astounding. There is only so far you can go being in on a joke until you become the joke itself.

Keep your eyes on our site for our Idiot of the Week polls and vote often. Tell your friends to vote, too. We don’t even care if your friends are idiots or if you have to actually guide their finger to click and vote. As long as you are rigging votes, bring along your comatose family members, your pets, and that neighbor that you hate so much for walking around naked in his backyard. We don’t judge.

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