Idiot of the Week Winner for October 13, 2014

Idiot of the Week Winner for October 13, 2014

Our poll had a tie this week! The software chose one, but we thought that was a little unfair to the other. So, we rolled some dice, and the winner of the tie officially is:

Eleazar Cisneros!

Cisneros had a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease when he chased down a driver who had cut him off in a parking lot and told the man he was a police officer. Problem was that he isn’t an officer, but the man he confronted was, and now Cisneros faces up to ten years in prison for impersonating an officer. The lesson here is when someone cuts you off, just drive on.

Congratulations to Mr. Cisneros who will grace our homepage for a week in the virtual dunce chair.

Be sure to come back and vote next week! Also, tell your friends, since that will help avoid ties in the future.

And, as a reminder of who Cisneros was up against:

Megan Campbell: There won’t be too many people in court the day Megan’s lawsuit is handled. She’s suing the city for hitting her own car with the vehicle she was driving as a city worker.

Joe Biggs: Alex Jones’ Infowars reporter claims the iPhone 6 is snagging on hair because it is taking your DNA! Bonus idiot points: he doesn’t know how Apple encrypts and keeps the fingerprint in the phone where no one can get to it. This guy is one case of white pancake makeup away from wondering how magnets work.

Kang Niu: When you run out of Viagra, the next best thing is shoving a steel rod in your penis, or so this guy thought. He ended up in the hospital when the rod shot backwards and pricked his bladder. Not much else to say about this one other than warning: some images at the link may be graphic.

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