And the Idiot for September 15, 2014 is…?

And the Idiot for September 15, 2014 is…?

Our second Idiot of the Week for 2014, with 43% of the vote (however small the voting population was):

The Australian Federal Police!

They get a genuine pat on the back from all of us idiots for leaving a suitcase full of plastic explosive in an airport after a training exercise and then giving that suitcase to a passenger as “lost luggage” later. Everyone on that force can apply now for a job with the Transportation Security Administration in the United States, probably as a supervisor.

Soon, we’ll have and award that is a downloadable file suitable for printing and framing and displaying with honor at the AFP headquarters. Until then, here’s a reminder about who was up for the award this time and why:

The Candidates for September 15, 2014

The Australian Federal Police: The Australian Federal Police gets on our list for leaving a suitcase of plastic explosive behind in the Sydney Airport after training their dogs. Double points for giving the “lost baggage” to a passenger later!

Mark Driscoll: West coast megachurch Mars Hill is closing several of its churches due to bad press from pastor Mark Driscoll. Apparently, calling women “penis homes” isn’t quite the Christian to do.

Grant O’Connor: If there is any danger of pocket-dialing the police, we suggest you not talk out loud about your drug dealing.

Shirley Mason: Not quite ready for NASCAR, this shoplifter tried to make her getaway on a Wal Mart motorized scooter cart, picking up citations for stealing clothes and a sweet ride.

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