Time to Vote for Idiot of the Week for November 17, 2014!

Time to Vote for Idiot of the Week for November 17, 2014!

Usually we try to stay away from nominating actors and internet bloviators. If we nominated them every time they stuck their feet in their mouths, there’d be no room for anyone else. This week, however, we’ve include both along with a corporation and a TV station! It’s time to vote for Idiot of the Week for November 17, 2014! The winner will eventually get an award certificate to download and print, suitable for framing or creating a paper mâché mask — if they print enough and have the right kind of paste. Until we get that certificate designed, they will get to sit in our virtual dunce chair on our home page. Below the poll are the stories about our synaptically-challenged nominees. Winner posted Monday!

The Candidates for November 17, 2014

Rete 4, Italian TV: Italian TV station Rete 4 is upset that the European Space Agency landed on a comet. They have the sads because comets apparently don’t look like they do in the movies, specifically Armageddon. Next time, ESA, get it right and land Bruce Willis instead of a robot. Acting is about the same anyway.

Kirk Cameron: Cameron has a new movie coming out, so he’s on a stupidity rampage — er — we mean, a media and promotional tour. His claim this time is that pagans actually stole Christmas traditions from Christians, and not the other way around. This despite tons of historical fact, including writings from popes saying to do just that. But, who cares about popes if you’re an evangelical, right?

Alex Jones: Jones has been very busy publishing his news and information this week on something we call “The Internet.” Among his rants, he blasts Net Neutrality as being something the Soviet Union and Nazis would want. We’re fairly certain they would actually despise the Net, much less Net Neutrality, and good old Alex would be off the air. Jones does make a convincing case, however, if proof includes throbbing forehead veins, foaming spittle, and a redhot rage face.

Old Navy: This week it came to light that Old Navy charges more for plus size women’s clothing. So far, not a big deal. A lot of places do that. Then it was revealed they do not charge extra for larger sized men’s clothes. And then a spokesperson claimed the women’s clothes include materials the men’s clothes don’t, and some open-eyed customers pointed out that the regular-sized women’s clothing has the same special materials but are priced in line with the regular-sized men’s clothes. Ouch. Three hits! The spokesperson was last heard screaming, “Abandon ship! To the lifeboats! We’re sunk!”

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