Vote For Idiot of the Week!

Vote For Idiot of the Week!

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Every Friday (or Monday September 1 in this case until September 5), we ask who should be our Idiot of the Week. There are different kinds of idiots. Some may do what they do out of willful ignorance, spiteful malice, or terrible dogma. These bad idiots should be mercilessly mocked. Many others do what they do because of plain and simple ignorance, a moment of inattention, or stupidity that doesn’t really hurt anyone. (Maybe they hurt themselves, but they survived.) You usually laugh with these good idiots rather than at them, and they should be celebrated, for one day we might be them. By Sunday, your votes decide who will sit in the Idiot Box on our site until next Friday!

The Candidates for September 1, 2014

Kanye West: The jury may be out on whether Kanye’s idiocy is good or bad, but he definitely didn’t hurt anyone but himself by claiming he is the smartest celebrity during his deposition in a civil suit concerning assault on a photographer.

Bruno Brokken: This Belgian photographer decided to have 400 gallons of water dumped on him from a plane for his Ice Bucket Challenge. The physics of what the weight and speed of that can do to a human body went over his head — and landed him in the hospital.

Charles Van Zant: A House Representative for the state of Florida, Mr. Van Zant spoke this week against Common Core education initiatives, claiming they will “attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can.” He’s also pretty sure we’ll never run out of oil as long as there is a god to make more.

The Klagenfurt SWAT Team: Note to team members — turn on the hallway lights so you can read the apartment numbers and raid the correct drug den.

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  1. 9th September 2014 | Christia Barrett says: Reply
    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott deserves to be Idiot of the Week

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