Vote Now For Idiot of the Week for November 24, 2014

Vote Now For Idiot of the Week for November 24, 2014

It’s time to vote for Idiot of the Week for November 24, 2014! This time we take a chance nominating a Large Government Entity. We usually stay away from LGEs because they can obviously run away with the votes, but since we’re not getting many votes anyway, whatever. The winner will eventually get an award certificate to download and print, suitable for framing or putting between two slices of bread with some asiago cheese, fresh spinach, and a bit of honey mustard for a delightful lunch. Until we get that certificate designed, they will get to sit in our virtual dunce chair on our home page. Below the poll are links to stories detailing the nominees’ intelligence-defying stunts. Winner posted Monday!

The Candidates for November 24, 2014

Town of Tuszyn, Poland: Tuszyn town officials have decided it’s in the best interests of the children to reject Winnie the Pooh as mascot for the town playground. Their reasoning? Pooh is “half naked” and a hermaphrodite. That last, of course, is entirely wrong since Pooh has no gender at all. No word on if any fully-clothed cartoon characters exist that meet the town’s criteria.

United States Congress House of Representatives: The House passed two bills this week to overhaul the way the Environmental Protection Agency gathers evidence for its reports. Among the bills’ new provisions: Ensuring the Science Advisory Board is “more balanced and transparent” by allowing more corporate lobbyists on the board but not allowing any scientists who might talk about their own science work. Because, who needs experts to make decisions, right?

Mattel: In Mattel’s book Barbie: I Can Be A Computer Engineer, Barbie claims to be a computer engineer, but spends all her time manipulating boys into programming her video game and then taking credit for it. Mattel published the book in 2010, but now they’ve finally taken notice of negative reviews and a surge in interest on various news sites and have decided an apology is the best course of action. Removing the book from sale is not a priority so far.

Chad Ian Lieberman: This one is from our “Keep Your Mouth Shut When Life is Sweet” Department. Mr. Lieberman inherited a rent-controlled apartment from his grandfather: a sweet deal at $100 per month. He proceeded to sue the owners of the 25 story building next door to get that building demolished. Unfortunately, his grandfather had agreed back in 1997 to allow that building to be constructed in order to keep his extremely low rent. During the court case, it also came out that the rent deal didn’t transfer, so Lieberman now gets to pay what everyone else in his building pays for their little cubicles: $3000/month.

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