The Cascade Sasquatch Expedition Day Five

The Cascade Sasquatch Expedition Day Five

The alien spaceship from last night turned out to be a potato chip bag turned inside out and stuck in the higher branches of a tree. The reflective foil of the bag explains the dancing lights that we saw, but the musical humming sound is still a mystery. I have noticed the porters watching me since I pointed out the possible alien attack vessel. I believe they are impressed with my powers of observation and my “cool under pressure” attitude.

We are finally setting out from the base camp today to investigate the location of the first recent sighting of a sasquatch. Local authorities believe it was just a bear running through the woods, but we need to check it out anyway. We are bringing five porters with us to carry the investigative and camping equipment. Also, if we do encounter a “Bigfoot” out here they are known to have a bad temper and it would be good to have extra bodies to serve as a distraction. More later…

We arrived at the coordinates of the first sighting and began comparing the eyewitness account to our surroundings. Once we had our bearings we fanned out in search of footprints or other evidence that could support, or verify, the sighting. After three hours we gathered to compare notes and made two discoveries. First, Sophie had found brownish hair caught in the bark of a tree near where the eyewitness initially spotted the sasquatch! She said it was at least five feet above ground level which she was pretty sure was taller than most bears. We were all very excited! Second, two of our porters had disappeared. Apparently, their names were Marcus and Darren according to the other porters. We called out and searched for them, but honestly we were all pretty tired from the day’s activities and soon packed it in and set up camp. We will probably continue to look for them in the morning. All in all it was a productive day. More later…

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