Government Sells Woman’s Home Over $95 Tax Bill

Government Sells Woman’s Home Over $95 Tax Bill

The city government of Norcross, Georgia is filled with idiots, and heartless ones at that. It seems they auctioned off a woman’s condominium because she hadn’t paid a $95 tax bill for a couple of years, despite the fact she has paid all taxes and otherwise complied with the law since. Mail from the city was not getting to her, and no one thought to contact her another way. So, with no notice, they sold her place and then finally went to her door and told her she and her four-year-old daughter had to get out.

The city has admitted “mistakes were made” and they are reviewing what to do. We suggest telling the buyer the city doesn’t know what it’s doing so tough luck and waiving the $95 bill once and for all.

See the story at WSB-TV.

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