Q: Are we heading for a Star Trek utopia or a Postman dystopia?

Q: Are we heading for a <em>Star Trek</em> utopia or a <em>Postman</em> dystopia?

It’s clear to me that we’re heading for a utopia, dear! So much being developed these days comes right out of the best and most forward-looking science fiction. Tablet computers, revolutionary medical devices, amazing breakthroughs in cleansers and dishrags! I mean, that ShamWow thing is amazing! Can you imagine all the wonderful uses such a thing can be put to? Spills in the kitchen, splatters in the garage, leaks on the driveway, overflows in the yard, biohazards at crime scenes — but I digress. My point is that new and wonderful things are being invented every day that we’ve seen before in great science fiction like Star Trek: The Next Generation! That was the most futuristic and prescient of all the Treks, I think.

Dystopias are so bleak and depressing. Think about some of the dystopias you’ve read about or seen in the movies. None of them ever go anywhere. The people and places and especially the clothing are all so depressing. I’m sure negative people think such things show the survival of the human spirit and the steadfastness of the human race — but that’s a load of tripe! Whether it’s The Postman or Blade Runner or Brazil, even when the so-called heroes appear to triumph or learn something in the end, nothing really changes in the world. Everything is so terrible, and I don’t like to think about it. With so much happening now that’s good, there is just no way we’ll end up with killer androids or nuclear war or even a mad government gone wild. Someone always has an eye open and we’re ready to knock down those bad guys, right? And science definitely can’t be stopped. It’s like a cat let out of a bag, pardon the cliché! Onwards and upwards, that’s my motto!

I suggest you stop watching and reading dystopic fiction. You need to be checking out books by futurists with a much more proper idea of what is coming, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michio Kaku, Melissa Sterry and more. They know how to dream and make those dreams come true despite all the pessimists out there. Also, stop watching the news. I have and I’m a much happier person with a lot more time to think about the future and how I’m going to make use of all the great things coming soon to make my life longer and easier!

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Kitty Ann Rubin

Kitty Ann Rubin

Kitty Ann Rubin — Kitty Ann to her friends — is a futurist specializing in putting together her special view of the people and events around her to develop ideas of what is to come. It’s not psychic — It’s science! The science of inductive reasoning. Taking the disparate and making sense of the world, so you can make plans for your brighter tomorrow!

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