Q: How Do I Tell My Friends That I’m Gay?

Q: How Do I Tell My Friends That I’m Gay?

A: First the good news. They probably already know. No matter how much effort you have put into hiding your true nature there are always little signs that give the game away. It could be small mannerisms, a slight swish to your step, or even the fact that every time someone smoking hot walks by you seem to always somehow miss seeing them. If your friends haven’t noticed these things then they are very self-centered and you should quietly start looking for new friends.

So what should you do if you tell your friends that you are gay and discover that they knew but were only accepting as long as you were hiding the fact? Well, you could tell them what a crappy attitude they have and walk away. But, it can be a long lonely road to find new friends. So, back in the closet you go! Tell them that you were just joking around, give them a light, but firm punch on the shoulder, and invite them to a local sports bar. Be sure to make them comfortable by “butching it up.” You want them to overlook your little “joke” and have everything go back to normal, so swallow your pride and remember: this is all about their comfort level. Talk a lot about celebrities and super models. Also, mention their boobs and legs more than their disastrous fashion sense or beautiful shoes.

Once everything is back to normal you can start looking for more accepting friends during your spare time. Keep your spirits up. The world is changing and is slowly becoming more accepting of alternative lifestyles. There has been a rash of pro athletes coming out as gay lately! Who would have guessed? Maybe you could snag yourself a few friends from some of your local teams. You just need to keep your eyes open for people who are trying to act overly masculine. They are probably just trying to appease their homophobic friends as well.

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  1. 27th September 2014 | Will Singourd says: Reply
    Wow. This is a wow stupid post. Gay guys aren't gay because they're fem. They're gay because they're attracted to other men. Most gays I know are average or average+ masculine. A few are very masculine. Some are fem. Some str8 men are a bit or very fem. Buy a clue.

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