Q: What Do I Do If My Stitches Break Open?

Q: What Do I Do If My Stitches Break Open?

A: This is a fairly simple “fix” but the answer depends on what you have available.

Before I make suggestions I want to make it clear that the first thing you should do is clean the wound. Use Isopropyl alcohol, an antibiotic cream, or even hot water to prevent infection before attempting to reseal the wound.

We will start with a quick and effective solution. If you have a stapler then you have your answer. Just swing the bottom open so that you lay the stapler flat against you skin. Squeeze the wound shut and press down firmly and sharply on the stapler. There may be a small, painful pinching sensation, but you should ignore it and continue to place staples every quarter inch until the wound is fully sealed.

A second method, if you don’t have access to a stapler, is glue. This not only seals, but if the wound was cleaned properly, also prevents any possibility of dirt or bacteria entering the vulnerable opening.

Another option would be using tree sap, or honey. This method works as a temporary fix until you can get your hands on a stapler. Be aware! This will need to be washed from the wound thoroughly before using a more permanent method of resealing. Also, know that in the right environment this method could attract insects to your wound. If possible, use sticky bandages as your temporary solution if in an area heavy trafficked by ants, or other tiny nuisances.

If you happen to be near a clinic, or able to get to a medical professional then that would obviously be the preferred option. At the Brooks Institute for Laser and Radiological Research and Medical Clinic we have started to close wounds with narrow focused laser beams. From the screams it seems to be an uncomfortable process, but it is quite effective at permanently resealing the wounds. We are considering trying a local anesthetic in future studies.

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Dr. Mr. Brooks

Dr. Mr. Brooks

Dr. Mr. Brooks received his M.D. from the Patrician’s Online Institute of Hygiene and Chirurgery and his license from the island principality of Walkoria in 2012. He and his wife work tirelessly together from their personal office in Morning Woods Estates to develop new procedures and make life better and healthier for everyone. Dr. Mr. Brooks specializes in mainstreaming radical surgical techniques and expanding the reach of radiation therapy.

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