Q: What Does It Mean If I Dream About Lots Of People Chasing Me?

Q: What Does It Mean If I Dream About Lots Of People Chasing Me?

A: You are feeling very guilty about something. And it must be a doozy! If there are a lot of people chasing you then you must have done something to make them all angry. What have you done, or are thinking of doing, that your subconscious is freaking out about? Whatever it is your sleeping mind has absolutely no confidence in your ability to get away with it. You either need to make amends or learn to be better at hiding whatever you have done!

The other possibility is that you have come into possession of something that your subconscious mind thinks everyone is going to want. Did you just win the lottery, have amazing plastic surgery, or have naked photos recently leaked on the internet? If this is the case, you should hire bodyguards, improve your digital security, or learn how to hide your fortune.

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