Q: What Is The Last Good Book That You Read?

A: This must be a trick question. There is no such thing as a good book. Books just fill your head with uppity ideas that cause all kinds of problems. People just need to keep their nose to the grindstone and do what they were raised to do. Books are filled with “facts” that are made up by government officials in order to convince the gullible of whatever they want them to believe. And don’t even get me started about fiction books. Every damn book is fiction! The ones actually labeled as fiction are the worst. They get people dreaming of things that have nothing to do with real life. What ever happened to taking pride in doing an honest day’s work and earning an honest buck? People need to get out of their heads and get back to the real world. If I could stand in front of the first person to ever set pen to paper I would knock them a good one right in the nose! Instead of teaching reading and writing they should be really educating the kids. Teach them how to plant a field, fix an engine, hitch a trailer, and milk a cow. Those are real skills that are useful. If you try to plow a field with your nose in a book you’re just as likely to end up planted in that field. Nope, the only thing a book is good for is burning on a cold winter night to keep your family and sheep warm. Get your face out of books and get a job!

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