Q: Why Is The Sky Blue?

Q: Why Is The Sky Blue?

A: I have given this a lot of thought through the years. I’ve asked several people and researched it on the internet. They always come back with basically the same answer. Something or other about light refracting blah blah atmosphere blah blah blah. That’s fine and all, but it never resonated with me. So, I’ve spent a great deal of my life suffering from an undercurrent of anxiety about the color of the sky. Until just three months ago. It was early morning and I suddenly sat straight up in bed. I had been dreaming about a penguin juggling live hand grenades on a trampoline that was balanced on a floating disc of ice flowing along on ocean current. The disc of ice was melting and was getting smaller, and smaller. That was when I woke up with a revelation. The sky is blue because it is cold. We start to turn blue when we get cold, so it only makes sense, right? Also, bright colors in nature signal various things. Such as; bright red on Poison Sumac, or bright blue on Poisonous Dart Frogs, or even bright greens and oranges on poisonous snakes. Hmm. I guess bright colors in nature generally signal that something is poisonous. While the sky might not be poisonous it is certainly dangerous. Go too high and you could freeze to death, or even suffocate, which could feel like you had been poisoned. Anyway, the point is, the sky is blue. Cold turns you blue. The sky is blue because it’s really, really cold.

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